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Diane Rochford, Executive Head JFK Special School

“This is a great opportunity for JFK to work in partnership with other like minded professionals who care about improving the lives of young people. JFK staff are keen to develop a range of extended professional skills across the different settings, working in close collaboration with the staff from our other schools who have the same shared vision. It's a very exciting journey and one that sees benefits for both staff and pupils.”

Gary Wilkie, Trust CEO and Executive Head Sheringham Primary School

“The expertise in school improvement sits within schools themselves and our structure allows us to support and challenge each other at a far greater level, because all schools in the Trust are mutually accountable for the success of every child in every school. This doesn't mean we are all the same - we are determined that each school within the Trust should retain their uniqueness whilst working together for common goals”.

Raheema Patel, Trust Lead School Business Manager and Sheringham SBM

"Being part of the Learning in Harmony Trust has provided me with a network of support and challenge that has changed my role entirely. I’ve had the opportunity to review all of my back office functions in my own school, by learning about the work of others. I have also been given significant opportunities to broaden my experiences and to see the bigger picture, as well as progress in my career."

Paul Quinn, Chair of the Trustees

“I am delighted to be involved with the Learning in Harmony multi-academy trust. Our unique approach to education sees all the schools working together in harmony, whilst also celebrating their own individual areas of strength and expertise. Working collaboratively with the established leadership teams at the member schools, we look forward to continuing our commitment to secure high levels of achievement for all students in our schools, regardless of their background.”

Jenni Naish, Chair of Governors at the Greenways Schools

"I am delighted that the Federation of Greenways Schools have joined the Learning in Harmony Trust. The existing Trust schools have offered us a very warm welcome. We may have only converted to academy status on 1st October 2016 but it has felt like we have been part of the Trust for much longer due to the level of collaboration and sharing that has already been undertaken."