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The name of the Trust – Learning in Harmony – is significant because it encapsulates some of the key principles of the overall organisation and essential principles that must drive the practice of its members schools. 


In the Learning in Harmony Trust we believe that doing things in harmony means a commitment to working collaboratively and effectively using everyone’s strengths to meet a common aim. We do not follow a school-in-a-box model, and instead work collaboratively at all levels within and across each school to maximise potential through continuous challenge and support. And while there is a presumption for partnership within our Trust, there is also a commitment to schools retaining their own identity.


We are also guided by the belief that:


  • We must strive for all pupils within the trust to not just be literate and numerate, but also fully prepared to play a happy and fulfilled role in society.

  • We are all learners and an environment where staff are supported and given license to take risks, innovate and learn from their endeavours is essential. Teachers and schools can and do learn from each other and from research so that effective practice spreads. 

  • Schools are about learning, and activities that take place within a school should only occur if they have an impact upon children’s learning in a positive nurturing environment.