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Trust Members

As in other multi-academy trusts, our Members are akin to the shareholders of the company. They have ultimate control over the Trust, with the ability to appoint some of the trustees and the right to amend the Trust’s Articles of Association.


In the Learning in Harmony Trust, we believe our members are the custodians of our values, and as such we have in our membership a number of people with long-standing relationships with our schools:


Heidi Hinchliffe

Heidi has been a co-opted governor at Sheringham Primary School for a number of years. She is also a Trustee, and brings her experience in the educational sector to the school and the Trust


Abdul Harun

Abdul has also been a co-opted governor at Sheringham Primary School for several years, and has continuously supported the school.


Paulette Grant

Paulette has been a Supply Teacher at Sheringham for many years, and is very much loved by the school's children. 


Paulline Collier

Pauline taught at JFK School for a number of years before retiring, and continued as a governor and chair of the governing body of the school for an extended period. She has now also retired from the governing body, but remains in touch with the school and the Trust. 


Richard Matthews 

Richard has been a governor at the Greenways Schools for many years, and played a key part in the formation of the federation which saw Greenways Infant and Junior schools unite.