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Federation of Greenways Schools

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The Federation of Greenways Schools is a partnership between Thorpe Greenways Infant and Junior Schools.


Our ethos and values of ‘nurture’, ‘aspire’, ‘respect’ and ‘inspire’ were formed from deep discussion with all stakeholders: pupils, staff and parents, plus other members of the Greenways community. We use these as the starting point for everything we do, forming our Community Code that can be adapted as a starting point to every scenario, e.g. classroom rules, behaviour policy or school improvement plan. To find out more about these values, please visit our website:


Our community is a place of learning and friendship. We provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment, so that as well as maturing into well-rounded, healthy young people, our children develop a passion for learning.


Both schools share a single governing body and a single leadership team, pooling our money to create a single budget. This enables us to develop all the best aspects of a primary school in terms of continuity and progression whilst still maintaining the unique and important benefits of separate infant and junior schools. 


Both schools have been recognised by OFSTED as strongly ‘Good’, catering for a wide ranging catchment area in Southend.


We aim to build on positive behaviours and celebrate success, allowing each individual child to develop the confidence to be independent in their lifelong learning.